Hokkein Onsen Sanso has been flourished as Kuju-san Hakusui Temple since 800 years ago and it has been 135 years since it started to run the mountain inn. Now marsh and flowers surround the area which attract many hikers. Our onsen which is in the highest altitude in Kyushu is also popular amongst the hikers.

Floor guide


There are about 20 private rooms, the size of 6 Jo (9.7 ㎡). 4 of them are special rooms with one extra window facing to Mt.Taisen and can be locked.( Other rooms can not be locked.)
There is nothing special in the room (no TV), but that is the appeal in the mountain hut.

When the private rooms are all occupied, dormitory( accommodate up to 120 people) is available. The size is 120 Jo(120 tatami)and at high season, each has the space for 1 tatami. Some says it is like a refugee camp, but it can be socializing space amongst the hikers and is popular for some hikers. ( *1 tatami~1,8m×0.9m)

Dining room

It can serve about 100 people. It has wooden floor and pillars are unique. There is a big TV and you can get the world news through the satellite broadcasting even in the mountains.


In May, 2003, it was renovated at the place where old bath was. Mt.Taisen, Mt.Hiji and Mt.Tacchu come into your sight, when you step in the hot water. On the outside terrace, people have relaxing time, cooling down, watching scenery or stars above. Lounge is built attached, where you enjoy beer, listening the burbling of Naruko river. It is simple spring and effective for neuralgia and fatique. You can refresh from day’s hike and be ready for the next day. For female side, window shade is attached against the peeping. You should be a bit brave to go outside terrace(quite open!).The photo shows the view of Mt. Taisen from the lounge.


The toilets in Hokkein are one of the cleanest ones among the mountain huts. A couple of years ago, they were renovated and become the comfortable ones for everyone.


Half board(dinner,breakfast)Beddings included Special room(4) general
child under 12
Private room(22) general
child under 12
Dormitory(1with 120tatami) general
child under 12
Room without meals
Beddings included
child under 12
Entry fee
(people with tent)
1 day/pp
Air conditioning for Loghouse 1 day
No seasonal fee

For April~August starts from 1st of March
For September~November starts from 1st of July
For December~March starts from 1st of September
We start accepting the reservation from 7AM by phone.
※Raingears are necessary.
Booking by phone is necessary. (Occasionaly we are not able to take in the guests without reservation.)
※Cancelling fee without notice by midday of the reserved date will be charged for full amount.
Guest staying bungalow needs to pay the bathing fee at the shop.
Member organizations have privileges.


To Chojabaru / Kuju Tozanguchi
By Oita expressway
Kokonoe IC → Prefectual road Bungo-nakamura line(R 40) → Chojabaru・Kuju
Tozanguchi(45 min.)
By Prefectual road Beppu-Ichinomiya line(R 11)
Beppu → Chojabaru・Kuju Tozanguchi (90 min.)
Aso( Ichinomiya) → Chojabaru・Kuju Tozanguchi(50 min.)
By Kyudai line
Bungo-nakamura Sta. → Community bus → Kuju Tozanguchi(50 min.)

・Makinoto Pass trailhead → Mt.Kutsukake → Kuju Wakare(3h) → Hokkeinn Onsen Sanso
・Chojaburu・Kuju Tozanguchi → Amagaike(2h) → Hokkein Onsen Sanso
・Chojabaru・Kuju Tozanguchi → Sugomori pass(2h) → Hokkein Onsen Sanso

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